Gee’s Blog Enters The Matrix

Hi visitor,

Finally, I managed to create a personal blog, I mean personal😉 I’ve been thinking of creating an account on wordpress since November 2005, but I was not sure what to do with the blog back then. So here I am today! Still don’t know what to do with this blog;-)

I’ll be posting anything(not everything) that comes up my mind in a daily basis if possible. I’ll include different categories that i’m personally interested in. Does that turn me to an egoist? NO! Because i’m looking forward to add categories and post what my visitors mostly look for when they come by. As soon as I get my first few visitors, i’ll try to track their needs and fullfil their dreams!

Till next time, Stay Tuned!


2 Responses to Gee’s Blog Enters The Matrix

  1. 59ideas says:

    How about updating your About page so that your visitor know you a little?

  2. Gee says:

    I’m sorry man.. Just didn’t have time to get it done, but there you go(I updated it).
    Thank you for dropping by

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