Windows XP on a MacBook Pro

I’m looking forward to buy the most sexiest notebook ever made by human, a MacBook Pro 17″. I’m quite satisfied with the design, os and perfomance of the macbook, but there is only one problem!

I need Windows Operating System for most of my duties. Be it customer support, coaching, presentations and so on. Apart from that I should be able to implement the macbook in our company’s network infrastracture which is based on Microsoft windows and use most of the services available, e.g. SharePoint, Exchange Server, access to network drives etc.

I’m not sure how macOS works in a windows network but it would make my life a lot easier if I could also install Windows XP on it. Something like a dual-boot. There were rumors that this is now possible on Intel MacBooks. I read a lot on how to do this, but unfortunately I haven’t found someone who could prove it working. Some say it might work with microsoft’s vista but not with xp.

Do you think XP could run on a mac? Does anyone have experience with windows XP on a MacBook? Or witnessed XP running on a macBook pro?

MacBooks are very expensive and would like to be sure that Microsoft’s XP will run on it before I buy it (this month)!

Thanks for your feedback!


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