Tutorial: Sharepoint (MOSS 2007) with TinyMCE rich text editor

November 3, 2008
TinyMCE rich text editor

TinyMCE rich text editor

We’ve received a couple of requests from SharePoint (MOSS 2007) users, asking us to replace the default wiki editor. The rich text editor misses out a lot of fomatting features which are relevant for wiki sites.

Our first solution would be using the open source rte called tinymce in sharepoint. Tinymce is javascript based and quite powerful.

I was wondering if someone has ever replaced the default rich text editor with another editor. How did you do it? Has anyone used tinymce with sharepoint (moss 2007) before? I googled a lot  but didn’t find a good tutorial covering this topic. Are you aware of any? A step by step guide would really be appreciated.


Bloggers: Running out of space?

December 6, 2006

If your blog is hosted on wordpress and you upload a lot, this might be interesting for you.

Google now offers thousands of free music videos?

October 15, 2006

On thursday, Jason Liebman -from the google video team- announced that google is now offering on-demand music videos for free!

Google announced major partnerships with 2 of the world’s largest music companies: Sony BMG and Warner Music Group. Google will be streaming thousands of music videos on Google Video which will be ad-supported.

This could be the beginning of the end of YouTube, I guess:-( As for me YouTube still offers more music videos, they are easier to find and they are all free. So why even bother to visit google videos? I guess google’s next step will be to ban and remove all music videos from YouTube. I somehow don’t have a good feeling about google owning youtube, do you?

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The PC security problem is you!!

October 13, 2006

As a computer specialist who has some experience at the helpdesk, I totally agree with Mr. Stefan Gorling’s statement (a doctoral student at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden) : “I don’t believe user education will solve problems with security because security will always be a secondary goal for users.

Users are often called the weakest link in computer security. They can’t select secure passwords, and they write down passwords and give them out to strangers in exchange for treats. They use old or outdated security software, can’t spell the word “phishing,” and click on all links that arrive in e-mail or instant messages, and all that appear on the Web.

Read more at CNET.

Broadcast Yourself, Video Sharing Portals

July 21, 2006

I am a huge fan of Broadcast Yourself Videos. New plattforms offering the same video sharing idea add up almost daily and it’s really hard to keep overview of these video broadcasting services.

  • Youtube
  • Google Video
  • iFilm
  • Metacafe
  • Dailymotion
  • Myspace
  • Angry Alien
  • AnimeEpisodes.Net
  • Badjojo
  • Blastro
  • Blennus
  • Blip.tv
  • Bofunk
  • Bolt
  • Break.com
  • Castpost
  • CollegeHumor
  • Current TV
  • Dachix
  • Danerd
  • DailySixer.com
  • DevilDucky
  • Double Agent
  • eVideoShare
  • EVTV1
  • FindVideos
  • Free Video Blog
  • Grinvi
  • Grouper
  • Hiphopdeal
  • Kontraband
  • Lulu TV
  • Midis.biz
  • Music.com
  • MusicVideoCodes.info
  • MySpace Video Code
  • Newgrounds
  • NothingToxic
  • PcPlanets
  • Pixparty
  • PlsThx
  • Putfile
  • Revver
  • Sharkle
  • SmitHappens
  • StreetFire
  • That Video Site
  • TotallyCrap
  • VideoCodes4U
  • VideoCodesWorld
  • VideoCodeZone
  • vidiLife
  • Vimeo
  • vSocial
  • Yikers
  • ZippyVideos

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Microsofts OneCare Live Security, Big Trouble For McAfee, Symantec and co.

February 8, 2006

Microsoft has detailed pricing and availability for OneCare Live, a security service that is designed to bring antivirus, antispyware, and backup capabilities into one constantly updating online package.

Announced last spring, OneCare Live has been available as a free beta since November 2005. This week, Microsoft set pricing for the service at $49.95 per year, an annual subscription fee that will cover up to three PCs.

OneCare, which officially will be available in June, was developed after research at Microsoft showed that most people’s computers are insufficiently protected from malicious threats because they find the protection process confusing and frustrating. Microsoft also found that consumers were concerned with a lack of regular backup maintenance.

In addition to backups, OneCare will provide a “just take care of it for me” service that includes antivirus software, firewall protection, automatic security updates, and spyware-fighting capabilities. Read the rest of this entry »

Napster To Join Google

January 31, 2006

It’s speculated that Napster, who’s shares have raised over 30% in premarket trading, and Google are in talks over an extensive alliance that would increase sales.

Last week, Napster laid off 10 managers and as usual, some rumors came up. On January 23, Napster’s spokesman declined the rumor that the company was to be sold. Napster was founded by a college student Shawn Fanning, who turned his simple idea to a synonym of music piracy.

Google has been thinking of bringing their own music service. But instead, they are now in discussions with Napster, to form an alliance, for their new digital music service.

This could be one of Google’s best deals from my point of view. Napster rose 1$ (32.05%) from a close of $3.12 to $4.12 in premarket trading on the Nasdaq on Monday.

While Google shares rose 75 cents from a close Monday of $426.82 to $427.57 in premarket trading on the Nasdaq.

Google and Napster, will this work out? Let us know what you think! Read the rest of this entry »