Ali G discussing science and technology

December 4, 2006

Ali G, Sacha Baron Cohen, talks to some geezers about science and technology. Lol. Just can’t seem to have enough of this wannabe gangster 😉

Also be sure to watch Cohen’s new comedy movie “Borat” which is currently playing in cinemas.


Der Schrei starring Lisa Simpson

February 1, 2006

Lisa Simpsons, Der SchreiYeah, i’m sure you’ve seen this somewhere.. It’s one of the best arts ever done by human. I know it under the title of “Der Schrei”, which is a german word and means “the scream”.. I’m not sure how they call it in english!
Well this is Lisa from our favourite tv series, The Simpsons. I think this is a nice fake and funny as well.. I really liked it and I might as well order it as a poster for my bedroom. For those who are interested too, this poster can be ordered from Read the rest of this entry »

Encoded Sex

February 1, 2006

It’s so funny.. this is the joke of the hour;-)

There was a couple who did not want their children to know when they were going to have sex, so they decided on a code of ”writing a letter.” One day, Daddy said to his daughter, ”Tell your mommy that Daddy wants to write a letter.” The girl went and told her mommy and the mom said,

”The red ribbon is coming out, not now.” The girl went back to the daddy and told him.

One day, Mommy told her daughter to tell her daddy that she wanted to write a letter. Daddy replied, ”Not now. Daddy already wrote the letter by hand.”