The PC security problem is you!!

October 13, 2006

As a computer specialist who has some experience at the helpdesk, I totally agree with Mr. Stefan Gorling’s statement (a doctoral student at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden) : “I don’t believe user education will solve problems with security because security will always be a secondary goal for users.

Users are often called the weakest link in computer security. They can’t select secure passwords, and they write down passwords and give them out to strangers in exchange for treats. They use old or outdated security software, can’t spell the word “phishing,” and click on all links that arrive in e-mail or instant messages, and all that appear on the Web.

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Skype has been been hacked

July 16, 2006

Cracked Skype hacked

Earlier this week, a gentleman named Charlie Paglee received a Skype call from a colleague in China — nothing out of the ordinary, except for the fact that this particular call was coming from an unofficial, homemade Skype client.

Paglee, who cofounded the VoIP startup Vozin Communications, claims that the Chinese friend he spoke with is part of a team that has successfully reverse-engineered the Skype protocol.


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Microsofts OneCare Live Security, Big Trouble For McAfee, Symantec and co.

February 8, 2006

Microsoft has detailed pricing and availability for OneCare Live, a security service that is designed to bring antivirus, antispyware, and backup capabilities into one constantly updating online package.

Announced last spring, OneCare Live has been available as a free beta since November 2005. This week, Microsoft set pricing for the service at $49.95 per year, an annual subscription fee that will cover up to three PCs.

OneCare, which officially will be available in June, was developed after research at Microsoft showed that most people’s computers are insufficiently protected from malicious threats because they find the protection process confusing and frustrating. Microsoft also found that consumers were concerned with a lack of regular backup maintenance.

In addition to backups, OneCare will provide a “just take care of it for me” service that includes antivirus software, firewall protection, automatic security updates, and spyware-fighting capabilities. Read the rest of this entry »