My iPhone 3G

November 23, 2008

Hi everybody. I’m proud to announce that I finally got an iphone 3G. I installed the wordpress plugin for iphone immediately. Pretty cool. If this post appears, this means the plugin worked. Let me also insert an image for the sake of testing:)


SharePoint and Outlook Integration – Enterprise Email Management

November 7, 2008

I was just roaming around the net when I came across this useful tutorial via Gee Videos.

Email management has become a high priority for all businesses, both large and small, with most written correspondence being delivered in email form. Businesses can use tools like SharePoint to manage most of their important business documents, but the inability to easily place emails into SharePoint and share those files within a document library is a problem that many SharePoint users have encountered. With myDocs you can now use Outlook to drag and drop emails directly into special folders that represent SharePoint document library folders. You can also view, open, create and access documents and emails directly within Outlook. With emails, documents and other files being accessible through Outlook, everyone in your workplace can use Outlook and SharePoint together to create a powerful yet simple document management tool. The ability to automatically move emails from Outlook into SharePoint and create document library folders from Outlook is a process that will energize your SharePoint 2007 workflows. myDocs leverages the familiarity of the Outlook interface and the powerful automated features of SharePoint. Metadata from emails such as Date Received, Date Sent, From and other fields are transferred automatically into a document librarys columns by simply dragging and dropping emails into Outlook folders. This makes it easier to filter and search for these emails and utilize the power of the SharePoint document library views. nSynergy specializes in email and document management using SharePoint 2003/2007. We developed myDocs to integrate SharePoint and Outlook and finally solve the problem of managing email within SharePoint. myDocs allows you to easily save emails and email fields into SharePoint document libraries both online and offline. View this demonstration to find out more about dragging and dropping emails into SharePoint and accessing your SharePoint document libraries without ever leaving Outlook. myDocs is fully compatible with SharePoint Portal Server 2003, Windows SharePoint Service 3.0 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

More about sharepoint and outlook integration

Here’s source where I found this video about SharePoint and Outlook Integration

How to find out which Sharepoint version you are using

November 4, 2008

Have you ever wondered which sharepoint version you are using? You might know that you are using, let’s say, MOSS 2007, but not sure about the installed version of MOSS 2007. Maybe you want to check if service packs were installed on sharepoint. Here’s the way to do it:

Go to Control Panel -> Add and Remove Programs. Select the product (sharepoint server) and then click: Click here for support

Now a window will pop up that displays your current sharepoint version.

Removing search scope dropdown in Sharepoint (MOSS 2007) using CSS

November 3, 2008

Personally, I don’t like the search scope dropdown in sharepoint (moss 2007). Most of the time It doesn’t fit to the looks of my customized sharepoint design. I think it makes my design look a bit ugly. If you have the same problem, here’s the most easiest and quickest way of removing it using css.

Open your core.css file and find this line: “” . This is the css class which is responsible for the search scope dropdown in MOSS 2007.

Now just add this line within the class..:


.. and you are done!

Note: If you don’t want to edit the core.css, you can also add the following line on any css file which will be loaded on the page  (or direct on the masterpage): { display:none; }

Tutorial: Sharepoint (MOSS 2007) with TinyMCE rich text editor

November 3, 2008
TinyMCE rich text editor

TinyMCE rich text editor

We’ve received a couple of requests from SharePoint (MOSS 2007) users, asking us to replace the default wiki editor. The rich text editor misses out a lot of fomatting features which are relevant for wiki sites.

Our first solution would be using the open source rte called tinymce in sharepoint. Tinymce is javascript based and quite powerful.

I was wondering if someone has ever replaced the default rich text editor with another editor. How did you do it? Has anyone used tinymce with sharepoint (moss 2007) before? I googled a lot  but didn’t find a good tutorial covering this topic. Are you aware of any? A step by step guide would really be appreciated.

Bloggers: Running out of space?

December 6, 2006

If your blog is hosted on wordpress and you upload a lot, this might be interesting for you.

Google now offers thousands of free music videos?

October 15, 2006

On thursday, Jason Liebman -from the google video team- announced that google is now offering on-demand music videos for free!

Google announced major partnerships with 2 of the world’s largest music companies: Sony BMG and Warner Music Group. Google will be streaming thousands of music videos on Google Video which will be ad-supported.

This could be the beginning of the end of YouTube, I guess:-( As for me YouTube still offers more music videos, they are easier to find and they are all free. So why even bother to visit google videos? I guess google’s next step will be to ban and remove all music videos from YouTube. I somehow don’t have a good feeling about google owning youtube, do you?

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