My iPhone 3G

November 23, 2008

Hi everybody. I’m proud to announce that I finally got an iphone 3G. I installed the wordpress plugin for iphone immediately. Pretty cool. If this post appears, this means the plugin worked. Let me also insert an image for the sake of testing:)


Skype has been been hacked

July 16, 2006

Cracked Skype hacked

Earlier this week, a gentleman named Charlie Paglee received a Skype call from a colleague in China — nothing out of the ordinary, except for the fact that this particular call was coming from an unofficial, homemade Skype client.

Paglee, who cofounded the VoIP startup Vozin Communications, claims that the Chinese friend he spoke with is part of a team that has successfully reverse-engineered the Skype protocol.


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First Wireless USB Devices

March 8, 2006

Wireless USB devices will start arriving the market in the third quarter(around September), and promises help for consumers frustrated with cables linking to their digital cameras, external disk drives, external dvd burners, music players, digital cameras etc.

Wireless USB, also known as WUSB, will permit the same data transfer speed of 480mbps (megabits-per-second) as the current wired USB 2.0 standard, but only requires tiny radios inside the computer or devices instead of cables.

“The first wireless USB devices are going to be external hard drives, cameras and printers”, said Jeff Ravencraft, chairman of the USB Implementers Forum and an Intel technology strategist.

In order for the wireless USB (wUSB) to be ready for the market, some aspects of this new technology have to be ironed out. A big step towards this was announced on Monday by the USB standards group, by introducing the Wireless Association Specification.

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Motorola predicting 20 Million cheap phone sales by end of 2006

February 13, 2006

Motorola said on Monday it expects to have shipped a total of 20 million of its ultra-cheap handsets for emerging markets by the end of 2006, shipping more than 10 million this year alone.”We’ll probably be doing 20 million GSMA handsets when 2006 is over,” Motorola handset chief executive Ron Garriques said at the 3GSM wireless trade show here.

“That’s cumulative sales,” he said after a presentation.

He said Motorola sold between 8 and 9 million ultra-cheap handsets in 2005. These handsets, initially priced at below $40 and now selling for less than $30 at wholesale prices, have been developed for an emerging markets project from the GSM Association (GSMA) which groups the world’s GSM mobile carriers.

In two different projects, carriers from emerging markets have committed to buy at least 12 million units from Motorola. Garriques’ comments made clear they ordered much more.

The U.S. cell phone producer, the world’s second biggest, claims it can make healthy profit margins on even the lowest priced phones.

Nokia releases 3 brand new mobile phones

February 13, 2006

NokiaThe world’s top handset maker, Nokia, launched three new phone models on Monday, saying it hoped to sell “tens of millions” of its new slim 6131 camera phone.”We believe this will be one of the most sold mid-range phones in the world,” Kai Oistamo, head of Nokia’s Mobile Phones unit, told Reuters at the 3GSM trade show in Barcelona.

Nokia regained market share in 2005 with a spate of new handsets, but many of them were cheaper models aimed at emerging markets, and analysts have said it needs to fill out its mid-price range, partly to meet the challenge of Motorola’s sleek Razr model.

“They have torn up the design they had and come out with what the market and consumers are looking for. This phone will hit the sweetspot of the European market,” said Gartner analyst Ben Wood.

“We have worked on the mid-ranged phones extensively … we have completely renewed our mid-range portfolio in the last six months,” Nokia’s Oistamo said. Read the rest of this entry »

Cingular offering Motorola’s Ultra-thin Cell Phone with iTunes Music Player

February 1, 2006

Motorola SlvrCingular Wireless has started offering it’s customers Motorola’s Slvr cell phone. This Ultra-thin handset is loaded with the popular software iTunes Music Player from Apple Computer .

It’s well seen that Slvr is inspired by it’s former hit-selling Razr mobile phone and it’s the second phone from Motorola that has Apple’s Music Software.

The first cell phone that had Apple’s Music Software from Motorola’s was the Rokr. Unfortunately Motorola wasn’t successful in marketing it. But for Slvr, things should change. They now focus more on the design than music player. Read the rest of this entry »