November 4, 2008

Why is it that I always mistype sharepoint with sharepoing. I’ve tried to explain it to myself but still have no clue, since it’s very unusual to mistake a letter “G” with the letter “L”. Then why am I typing sharepoing every now and then?

I decided to google for it and see if i’m the only one around who mistyped it this way. I was surprised that some people were already aware of it, and were mistyping their content on purpose to get all the sharepoing traffic.

Even a sharepoint mvp like Heather Solomon has atleast once mistyped her post title (Avoid “SharePoing of the Living Dead“) and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s still not aware of that mistake.

Writting Sharepoing seems to be a common mistake for people working with or writing about sharepoint. But why? Do you have a clue? I even checked up the word sharepoing: But there has never been such a word in the english history. So why am I always tempted to write sharepoing?