Sharepoint 2007 CSS Style Guide/Reference/Cheat Sheet

November 5, 2008

In sharepoint (Moss 2007 , you can do a lot of customization using cascading style sheet (CSS). But there are thousands of css classes defined in Sharepoint by default. So which style should I edit to get the desired result?

I used to have a hard time styling my MOSS 2007 layouts till I found this reference chart. I’m sure many of you are already aware of this cheat sheet or similar guides. I hope it’ll save you worthy time.


Tutorial: Sharepoint (MOSS 2007) with TinyMCE rich text editor

November 3, 2008
TinyMCE rich text editor

TinyMCE rich text editor

We’ve received a couple of requests from SharePoint (MOSS 2007) users, asking us to replace the default wiki editor. The rich text editor misses out a lot of fomatting features which are relevant for wiki sites.

Our first solution would be using the open source rte called tinymce in sharepoint. Tinymce is javascript based and quite powerful.

I was wondering if someone has ever replaced the default rich text editor with another editor. How did you do it? Has anyone used tinymce with sharepoint (moss 2007) before? I googled a lot  but didn’t find a good tutorial covering this topic. Are you aware of any? A step by step guide would really be appreciated.